Parkway Porta-Potties

As a runner, I am thankful for the few porta-potties that line W. River Parkway. However, I do wish there were more water fountains, especially during the warm months. I've made this a request of the Minneapolis Park and Rec Board. Hopefully more will be added next summer. Check out Minneapolis Porta Project--a google map of... Continue Reading →

Duane Boom has glass art for sale at the Prairie Woodworking Holiday open house. Tim Granlund's Prairie Woodworking at 3535 E. Lake St has a holiday display of various furniture, upholstery, lamps and artwork for sale at their open house Saturday the 29th of November. Photo: Robert Ball

This is the last completed Eliel Saarinen building, located at 34th Ave. S & 33rd St. Free architecture tours are offered to the public at 11:00 a.m. on the second Sunday of every month. Tours are led by a trained docent from the non-profit Friends of Christ Church Lutheran. It's a wonderful and beautiful example... Continue Reading →

Snow by the River

After a day of light snow, as the sun sets, snow covers the partly-frozen Mississippi River and dusts the rocks of the river gorge. A crescent moon has just risen, and the Lock and Dam is in the distance. Photo: Jane Strauss

Faded Rainbow

What will become of the recently closed Rainbow in Longfellow? This is the question many are posing on area forums such as Longfellow e-democracy and neighborhood NextDoor sites. What would you like to see in this space? Photo: Guthrie Byard

With the weekend temperatures warming up, many Longfellow residents enjoyed time outside before Monday's predicted snowfall. I met this lovely couple while walking along the parkway. Photo: Stacy Quast

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