Rush Hour

8 AM on Lake Street finds three kinds of transportation juxtaposed:  bus stop, bike, and car occupy the intersection of 36th Avenue and East Lake Street. Photo: Jane Strauss

Savvy traveller

I discovered the traits of this savvy seed traveller via an accidental close encounter with my gloves the other day. The pointed tips slide easily into clothing and the barbed tips make it tough to get them back out. Very effective and pretty cool upon closer inspection! Photo: David Owen

Dianne Swanson decorates her yard with a Halloween theme off of 38th St and 39th Ave. They usually draw many Trick-or- Treaters to their home on Halloween night. Photo: Stacy Quast

Fall trees add color on a dreary day on 30th Avenue in Longfellow Photo: Sue Romain


About 4 and a half years ago, a horrendous fire destroyed the building at 30th Avenue and East Lake Street.  Six people, including three young children, died in that fire, and this memorial remains on the grass planted where a building housing the Poodle Club for decades, and later McMahon's Pub, with apartments on the... Continue Reading →

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