Getting Out The Vote

Sandy'Ci Moua and Yaomee Xiong, of CAPI USA, which is located at 37th and East Lake Street in Longfellow, meet with "PH" Copeland, of the YWCA to plan a Get Out the Vote campaign as the elections near. Both organizations are concerned with encouraging new citizens and people of color to exercise their votes. Web sites: ... Continue Reading →

The gorgeous fall colors of last week are fading, and as I looked around I noticed this tree today. I love the yellows and greens and the twisting branches. I'm pretty sure it's a Tamarack, but haven't ever seen one where the branch tips look quite like this. Photo: David Owen

Conversation Circle

Sarah and Carlos chat during another E. Lake St. Library Conversation Circle which takes place from 1-3pm every Sunday from Sept. 7–Nov. 30. Conversation Circles are open to all who are interested in practicing their English in an informal, volunteer-led setting. Conversations take place at a handful of Hennepin County Libraries including the one on E. Lake Street.... Continue Reading →

Seen on Edmund Blvd. A person rakes leaves in the background. Photo: Guthrie Byard

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