A pedestrian walks down a Longfellow sidewalk that has fallen locust leaves on it. These trees are among the first to drop leaves in the neighborhood. Photo: David Owen

Author/Cartoonist Anna Bongiovanni chats with a reader at their booth at the Twin Cities Zine Fair located at at Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Avenue). The event is for makers and readers of zines to gather in one place and share, exchange and communicate about zines. What's a Zine? A zine is a self-published work... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

I was fortunate to draw two new years as Wednesday photographer - the secular one and the Jewish one, which starts this evening. Honey, apples, pomegranates, and round Challah, a sweet bread, with raisins (and sometimes almonds) in honor of the holiday are all traditional for the holiday. Shanah tovah to all who celebrate this festive time... Continue Reading →


The color of the sumac at this Mississippi River overlook was gorgeous today. Overall a really nice spot to be at sunset! Photo: David Owen

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