Longfellow neighbors and friends Liam and Eyala take a spin on the playground at Howe School. This playground equipment, benches and a large garden were built at the school after it reopened by volunteers with help from the Minnesota Vikings Photo: Robert Ball

The Patton family have been "charding their yard" in Longfellow for nearly two decades, since long before it became fashionable. Part of their plan includes fruit trees in the yard. The plum tree is close to harvest now, its branches covered with deep bluish-purple fruit. Photo: Jane Strauss

Grape Season

These are an unidentified varietal growing on a chain link fence along 39th Avenue South across from Brackett Park. They may end up in jam, or homemade wine, or helping to feed the wildlife.Learn more about Minnesota cold climate grapes, visit: http://www.grapes.umn.edu/Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

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