Longfellow365 has an exhibit at the East Lake Library from August 31-September 13. Photographers Jane Strauss, Robert Ball, and Katie Simon-Dastych were on hand to help set up the exhibit. Also pictured is librarian Anna Zillinger who was instrumental in helping us exhibit.Photo: Guthrie Byard

The Hub Bike Co-op

All types of bikes for all types of people at the worker owned bicycle shop at 30th and Minnehaha. They've been here for 12 years and have had this great mural for the past several years. The beautiful painting was done by Ben Bayne and Luther Lyons III. www.thehubbikecoop.orgPhoto: Robert Ball

Peace Vigil

This afternoon, I suddenly realized that, even though I have been taking photographs on Wednesdays all year, I had never made it to the Lake Street Bridge at 5 PM with my camera. Every Wednesday for fifteen years, a varied group of anti-war activists have made it their business to call attention to their cause... Continue Reading →

WPA 1938

I noticed this engraved stone block today for the first time.  The short story is that WPA operated a limestone quarry in Minnehaha Park that was used for bridges, retaining walls among other things.  This link has a full description and it's a great read:  http://minneapolisparkhistory.com/tag/wpa/Photo: David Owen

Fierce Earrings at LoLa Site #32

Laura picked up a new pair of earrings from creator and LoLa artist, Nicole Fierce (right). Nicole's husband, Bret, is pictured as well. Both Nicole and Bret are viewable on the tablet in the lower right showing Nicole's blown glass process. Photo: Guthrie Byard

In Jeff Weispfenning’s “Art Cave,” his wife Sarah Brunsvold (left), a Longfellow365 guest photographer, helps fellow art enthusiasts plan their next LoLa stop. Photo: Amanda Mohan

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