Even adults love Big Bell Ice Cream!

Workers and clients at Leder Scrap metal recycling take a break and enjoy a variety of ice creams and frozen treats from the Big Bell Ice Cream truck. Owner James Freid has operated this Longfellow neighborhood gem for 25 years. Photo: Robert Ball

Adams Grove Community Orchard

Longfellow Community Council board member Trevor Russell (right) discusses with a neighbor his ideas for turning Adams Triangle into Adams Grove Community Orchard during an event held in Adams Triangle today. Trevor has an amazing view of how this parcel of hitherto unappreciated land can be a community hub for education, engagement, edibles, and enjoyment. If you want... Continue Reading →

Noticing too many drivers using 31st St. as some sort of Lake St. bypass and driving too fast for the narrow side street, gardener and friendly neighbor Holly Mattson wanted to remind these drivers that while you're in Longfellow you should slow down and enjoy it. Mattson said she's been getting requests for signs and... Continue Reading →

Free Food

The Minnehaha Avenue Community Garden has used its adjacent boulevard to good effect.  Chard,  onions, peppers and tomatoes share this small raised bed. Photo: Jane Strauss


For my premiere as a guest photographer, I thought long and hard about what to capture in the 'hood from my perspective. I just returned from an educational trip to Djibouti and Somalia, and spent the morning talking to a fellow teacher who is now teaching in the West Bank for the summer. Though not... Continue Reading →

It was cool and rainy this afternoon in front of the Riverview Wine Bar. The unseasonably cool temps made it feel more like late summer than the middle of July! There was talk of today setting a record low high temperature for the day…we'll have to wait and see if that was the case. Photo:... Continue Reading →

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