Backyard Bounty

Pictured is Bruce Thompson, Cooper/Greater Longfellow resident. Thompson's bought their home in 1993. Soon after they moved in, he discovered the rich black soil in their backyard. His garden is 15 x 30 feet approximately, and he gardens everything from hops to peppers, to majestic sunflowers in the distance. Bruce also has perfected home brewing with his hops. Photo: Katie Simon-Dastych

Wild and Scenic River

Longfellow has the gem of the Mississippi River with its Wild and Scenic River designation.  It's pretty rare that you can be in a major metropolitan area and have this kind of view.  The river is also fun for recreation for a variety of types of watercraft.Photo: David Owen

A Secret History of American River People

Wes and his dog pal Hazel pose for a picture in front of their shantyboat off the banks of the Mighty Mississippi. Wes started A Secret History of American River People which is, according to his website,, an anthro-historical research journey through the history of a river. According to the site, they just embarked on... Continue Reading →

Flowers before full light

This "blooming boulevard" contains several of the most common Longfellow flowers, milkweed, Virginia Bluebells, Rudbeckia, and Daylilies. All are older heritage varieties, commonly planted 100 years ago. The colors really "pop" in the minutes before the sun is fully risen. Photo: Jane Strauss

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