A new mural recently appeared on the Scenergy building off Longfellow Park. According their Facebook page, the mural was a collaboration between the Phillips Neighborhood Mural Project and the US Cuba Artist Exchange. Photo: David Owen

Taken at the northern "tip" of longfellow, at the end of Dorman Ave- where it meets the Greenway. Photo: Mark Douglas Stanley

The Mississippi, which is Longfellow's eastern boundary, is at its highest level in nearly fifteen years, the seventh highest in a century, and this is what it looked like this morning. Tree trunks and riverside paths are covered with water, and flooding is expected downstream. Strib video: Minnesota state of emergency wears on for extra... Continue Reading →

Coloring and bubbles for the children with great food, coffee, entertainment and conversation for all at the LCC Summer Celebration at Fireroast Café. Photo: Robert Ball

This interesting roof is on the Bradshaw Funeral Services building on Minnehaha Ave. Photo: David Owen

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