“Found gutter downspout”

Gutter Flutter (

This image of a wayward gutter downspout in the middle of the street is emblematic of the windy, rainy weather we experienced yesterday and will for much of this week.

I thought about making a “found gutter downspout” sign and posting it on nearby poles, but with the rain and wind the sign wouldn’t last long. Maybe someone should post this on Nextdoor or on e-democracy. Last seen on 35th st and 44th ave.

Photo taken by Guthrie Byard

Howe School gets a garden

Howe School gets a garden

Today families from Howe School and the community gathered to start the installation of the gardens. The Howe School gardens is a joint project of the Hiawatha PTO and Hiawatha Community School. The garden is in the front of Howe School, located on 38th Street between 43rd and 44th Avenue South.

To find out more about visit http://howeschoolgarden.wordpress.com/

Photo taken by Stacy Quast