102 years ago, the Wonderland Amusement Park, located between Lake Street and 32nd Street, 31st and 33rd Avenue, closed, after a 7 year run. Its only remaining site in Longfellow is the 31st Street Apartments, their white painted brick almost invisible in the snow, which housed the Infantorium, filled with incubators containing tiny premature babies,... Continue Reading →

White Castle is a great Lake street tradition especially late at night. The drive-thru is open 24 hours. Photo taken by Robert Ball

A cyclist commuting home in the early evening zooms along the river road bike path near 42nd Street. Photo taken by David Owen

It seems like "Do Uggs Now" has been on the Don's Leather Cleaning sign for ages; I cannot remember it saying anything else. I stare at this dilapidated sign every time I pass by, wondering about the business's history and what the future of the property holds for the community, thinking the business closed for... Continue Reading →

If you like snow-have WE got a winter for you! Today's drive through Minnehaha Park was 'icing on the cake'! Although this winter has been challenging, we can still laugh because spring is just around the corner. Right??? Photo taken by Roxanne Dunlop

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