In the Northwest corner of the community, regular rail lines and Light Rail lines converge. Deliveries take place there, visible from the Lake Street westbound onramp to 55 West. Taken around 11 AM, temperature 10 degrees, much better than the previous day. Photo taken by Jane Strauss

If you love Parkway pizza as I do, here's the reason. Jorrell is putting the final touches on an extra crispy crust for customers that are dining in at the new Minnehaha Ave location for this long time Longfellow neighbor. Photo taken by Robert Ball

Today I went walking along the outer edges of our coverage area, wanting to see Minnehaha Falls encased in ice and having heard rumors of snowy owls in the neighborhood. Walking along the creek the crows alerted me to this barred owl who they were pestering. These owls blend in beautifully to the winter landscape... Continue Reading →

I've seen numerous films at the Riverview Theater and nearly as many community events. This is an amazing theater. And this is Jake Halverson, Riverview Theater's jack of all tradesman, who has worked for the theater for over 6 years. When asked why he works for the theater, he said, "There's a certain level of... Continue Reading →

Lawn art watches over the Howe neighborhood near 38th and 46th Ave. Photo taken by Stacy Quast

Public Art along the Midtown Greenway - rest stop at West River Parkway & E. 27th Street. For more about Greenway Public Art visit Past and Present: Photo taken by Katie Simon

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