The gorgeous fall colors of last week are fading, and as I looked around I noticed this tree today. I love the yellows and greens and the twisting branches. I’m pretty sure it’s a Tamarack, but haven’t ever seen one where the branch tips look quite like this.

Photo: David Owen

Conversation Circle


Sarah and Carlos chat during another E. Lake St. Library Conversation Circle which takes place from 1-3pm every Sunday from Sept. 7–Nov. 30. Conversation Circles are open to all who are interested in practicing their English in an informal, volunteer-led setting. Conversations take place at a handful of Hennepin County Libraries including the one on E. Lake Street. Call 612-543-5669 for more information in English or, in Hmong, 612-543-8845; in Somali, 612-543-8756; in Spanish, 612-543-8510.

Photo: Guthrie Byard